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sales department:
Cissy li:  Tel: 86-028-81700200
              Mobile: 86-18116577057

 After-sales Service:
1. help customers choose right products based on their detailed demands.
2. provide HPLC, MS, NMR, COA and other detail materials.
3. after the order placed, we will track the goods in whole process, by the express tracking numbers provided.
4. after goods arrived, any question in using process, welcome call us or contact us on the QQ.


Warm Tips: standard compounds is special substances, should be stored at low temperatures. The purity will reduce if prolonged exposure to air. If the goods are damaged in the process of mail, please calling us within 2 working days: 028-81700200, any quality problem in using process, please call: 028-81727600.
solemnly promise: 1, return/exchange products service, if  there‘s quality dispute, technician confirm the existence of quality problems after mutual communication! 2, non-human caused damage, customers also could return/exchange products!

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Unified  national  service  hotline:  028-81700200  nationwide  toll-free:  400-800-5713
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