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Nitrate - nitrogen (N in dollars) and uses standard substance solution
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Nitrate - nitrogen (N in dollars) and uses standard substance solution   Classification:Industry News Release:2016-05-24 11:08:33   Read:(1288)
1. Purpose
Nitrate - Nitrogen is mainly used for ion chromatography and other instrumentation verification and calibration with calibration parameters to ensure accurate and reliable test results and magnitude of unity, as well as for environmental testing, instrumental analysis, capacity analysis of nitrate - nitrogen accurate measurement.
2. Preparation method
The standard solution standard substance purity potassium nitrate as raw materials were prepared by weighing method.
3. traceability and valuation methods
The solution is to formulate a standard reference material value, and using ion chromatography verification formulated value. By using the method of preparation to meet the requirements of the metrological characteristics, measurement methods and measuring instruments, traceability to ensure quality standard material values.
4. Description uniformity and stability
Referring to the national "a standard substance" technical specifications, sample aliquot of a random sample. By ion chromatography, the standard material uniformity of F-test, t-test stability. Test Results: uniform, good stability.
5. Use Precautions
Sampling devices should be clean, dry, to prevent contamination.
6. Packaging and Storage
The solution reference material using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic bottles, 50mL / bottle.
The solution reference material should be stored at room temperature, saving the environment clean and avoid direct sunlight.
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