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Latest Release: 7- epi-10-deacetyl paclitaxel HPLC: 99.48%
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Latest Release: 7- epi-10-deacetyl paclitaxel HPLC: 99.48%   Classification:Company News Release:2016-05-24 09:49:33   Read:(1292)

Our new reference: 7- epi-10-deacetyl paclitaxel 78454-17-8 more than 99% of very good quality, new and old customers order.
Chinese name: 7- epi-10-deacetyl taxol
English Name: 10-Deacetyl-7-epipaclitaxel

Structural formula: 7- epi-10-deacetyl taxol .png
Molecular formula: C45H49NO13
Molecular Weight: 811.87
C A S Number: 78454-17-8
Purity: HPLC≥98%
Appearance: White powder
Storage conditions: 2-8 ° C, dry, dark, sealed
Specifications: 20mg 50mg 100mg 500mg 1g 2g and other customer demand for packaging
Supply unit: Weikeqi Biological Technology
Supply Phone: 028-81700200 4008005713

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