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All our products are only for research, laboratories, shall not be used for injection, consumption or other purposes.

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About Weikeqi Biotech

Sichuan Weikeqi Biological Technology CO., LTD. was established in 2006, with registered capital of 1 million yuan. We are located in chengdu city, sichuan province, a professional company engaged in researching, developing and selling standard compounds of TCM(purification and separation of natural medicine).

Weikeqi Biotech undertake the following business:

1、customized assigned compounds in g/kg level
2、separating and purifying assigned TCM materials
3、separating and purifying new compound and identifying compound structure
4、customized synthesis of assigned structure
5、detection business for HPLC,MS,NMR.
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Set up a Joint Laboratory with CIB,CAS.

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All orders on this website can directly link to Taobao, enjoy the right of cash on delivery. Our company reserves the right of final interpretation.
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